Finally. There's a single resource for journalists interested in career reinvention.

The desire to tell memorable stories, serve communities, and seek truth have often been used to justify the sacrifices and hardships in journalism. But the industry is at an inflection point. Layoffs, buyouts, stagnant wages and the expectation to “do more with less” has taken its toll.

According to a 2023 UNC poll 70% of journalists have experienced work-related burnout. Still, the idea of reimagining your career often comes with these questions:

“Who is going to hire me?!”

“News is all I’ve known and done. What else could I do?”

“Being a journalist has always been my dream. I can’t give up on it!”

“I’ve already sacrificed so much and I can’t make less money!”

“I don’t want a boring desk job!"

The Rewrite Course is here to help!